Pura Vida!

by Reyna Rousse

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Eighteen months on Hormone Replacement therapy, and the feelings that arose during the process. Rediscovering acceptance, regression, and perseverance.


released May 27, 2016

All tracks written, recorded, and edited by Reyna Rousse



all rights reserved


Reyna Rousse Riverside, California

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Track Name: Just Your Voice
It didn't take a week
didn't happen in a month
took surfeit sleepless nights
dreaming envious pretending
I'll never be a real girl
I'll never get some answer
wuss to the extreme?
can't be that easy

a score out, it's more simple now
never gonna be the girl I want to be
if she's not me
and it's alright to try and figure it out
some believe it's how it goes
but anything could be just as confusing
so here goes nothing

unbearable smile
relative file
we like what we like (existential affinity)
in this fish bowl mile after mile
Track Name: Trigger Warning
I didn't know:
- whenI had to break a heat

- when my best friend would use my fears
to pick on a wimp, who won't be fighting back

- when she'd say to me I'm hopeless and it's hard
and I'd take my life today if nothing were on the line,
you'd have to reply

- when I'd be cut by a clipboard toss
the day's not lost evaluate the cost

-when she'd say to me I need another job
to provide, went to school for both
now works morning to night

chorus: to sensitive or too desensitized
no trigger warning on the playground
of your life
Track Name: N. Eastern Ave.
landscape cramp
earwax car sick
cyclone stomach
headache fatigue

four intersections
East to West
lost my stress
every other weekend

What happened Mom?
Dad, he went to sleep

nothing like departure sickness
West to East
funny taste in my throat
knocking in my skull

What happened Mom?
Dad, he we gave him away

arms weak
soul shriek
we'll be alright

half-century titanite
I wish I was there for you
and I don't know if I can
take another decade
but I believe in you

arms weak
soul shriek
hiding in the closet when they told us
we'll be alright

moving home
temporary room
but I'm always here for you
sweet like sin
bark like skin
it's nothing you did or didn't do
I'm proud to be of both of you